Album Review: Each Other – ‘Being Elastic’

Each Other - Being Elastic

Written by Morgan Alexander.
Canadian trio Each Other has released their first full-length album, Being Elastic, and in doing so has created a nouveau-psychedelic sound that defies definition.

The album is full of symphonic contradictions: Vocals are chaotically harmonized then laid overtop start-stop guitar riffs, which are haphazardly paired with a percussion beat that appears to be experiencing an identity crisis. This is not to encourage a full-out rejection of the album, but more to forewarn of the curious nature of the record. Its uniqueness requires close attention on behalf of the listener in order to discern the multitude of simple melodies from the crackle-pop overlay that emerged from their in-home recording.

Personally, I am a fast fan of this album. Its chordal disunity is reminiscent of such bands as Of Montreal or a calmer Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes. Truly where the album falls short is not its interesting mish-mosh of sounds, but, ironically, in its repetitive nature. While the album as a whole is distinctive from today’s happy auto-tuned pop, each track is similar to the last and easily foreshadows the next.

However, the album definitely deserves a thorough listen in order to appreciate its peculiar techno-folk sound. While it may not be the smash-hit record that indie reform pop is desperately in need of, it does assist the genre in defining itself as an indefinable entity.


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