Don’t miss: Suoni Per Il Popolo Festival


Suoni Per Il Popolo, Montreal’s avant-garde and experimental music festival is back  from June 4th to 22nd for their 14th running year. If you are looking for a collection of creatively curated, awe-inspiring and moving musical events that resemble none other, don’t miss out on Suoni Per Il Popolo.  

The festival describes their festival with the following words, “In a state of constant aural evolution, the festival will present both established musicians who bring a wealth of tradition, experience and history to their playing, as well as younger, emerging artists, both whom are fuelled by freedom of expression, improvisation, sonic exploration and who reflect through their playing the world we see before us.”

Thus far, the line-up includes the following:
Richard Buckner + James Irwin
Die Like a Dog Trio (Peter Brötzmann, William Parker, Hamid Drake)
The Notwist
Philip Jeck, Michaela Grill & Karl Lemieux + Richard Skelton
Bardo Pond
Paal Nilssen – Love trio with Mars Williams and Kent Kessler + duo Eric Normand & Philippe Lauzier
Maria Minerva + Nouveau Zodiaque
Low + Big Brave
Circuit des Yeux
Fuck Buttons
Omar Souleyman + d’Eon

Stay posted for the next wave of participating musicians, films and artists, as the festival has promised over 50 events this year.


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