Albums of the Week: Feb 16 – 22

Today, both Tycho and The War on Drugs are spoiling us with fantastic new releases. Read on to hear what to expect from their new sounds.

The War on Drugs – ‘Lost in the Dream’


Philadelphia’s The War on Drugs have released their third album today, entitled ‘Lost in the Dream’ through Secretly Canadian. It is arguably their best effort thus far, and thankfully so – frontman Adam Granduciel and bandmates painstakingly spent over a year recording, re-recording and finalizing the tracks. While lyrical content draws from the emotional turmoil that Granduciel has experienced recently following the closing of a long-term relationship, lush and atmospheric guitar and synth sounds are intricately layered upon each other, and are more majestic than ever.

Watch their latest video for “Red Eyes” here, which includes a whole bunch of weirdo talent show acts, then wraps up in the cutest way possible.

Tycho – ‘Awake’

Tycho, ambient-electronic musician and visual artist, has released ‘Awake’ today, his first album in over two years. His sound has expanded and shifted since his last release,  taking on a new direction led by live instrumentation through a three-piece band. Contrastingly from ‘Dive’, where the listener was surrounded by lush, ambient sounds, the musical style found on ‘Awake’ is typically led by guitar-driven melody and smoother rhythms.

Stream ‘Awake’ below, through Tycho’s soundcloud.


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