Album Review: Tacocat – ‘NVM’

Written by Laura Rewucki.

Seattle based Tacocat is a sock hoppy, slumber party of a band that falls somewhere under the big umbrella of pop punk. They gained some notoriety after their 2010 album ‘Shame Spiral’; singing songs of TSS, marshmallow snacks, and the age-old quandary ‘how does one bone with a urinary tract infection’? After being signed to Hardly Art (a subdivision of Sub Pop) they ditched the shout a long, riot grrrrl gang vocals in favor of a more melodious croon. The effect is a little more Sleater Kinney and a little less Bratmobile. This transition was present on their 2012 EP ‘Take Me to Your Dealer’ and fully culminates on their latest album ‘NVM’.

‘NVM’, a textual nod to some fellow Washingtonians, is their slickest, most romantic sounding record to date. Lyrically, they’re still pushing the boundaries of social appropriateness by ragging on the perils of menstruation and offering up their favorite PMS remedies, but they manage to keep it all light and fun. It’s the sort of tongue in cheek feminism you’ve come to expect from such a vaginally charged outfit …Hello TACO CAT.

‘NVM’ is a charmingly cohesive record that can move from backyard parties to beaches to outer space without ever seeming out of place. Lay back and float away on a crimson wave. You’ll be bobbing your head along like a Barney stoned infant all messed up on apple juice and cheerios.


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