Album Review: Timber Timbre – ‘Hot Dreams’

‘Hot Dreams’ is Timber Timbre’s fifth album, released through Arts & Crafts, and is one that has a charming, yet dark and desolate feel. While not an everyday listen, this album is a terrific piece that fits somewhere between a long and lonely desert drive, and a creepy dark film.

The album has overarching elements of mystery and gloom, brought to life by the dark keyboard chords and looming, haunting vocals. Taylor Kirk, Timber Timbre’s vocalist, maintains a beautiful and deep baritone throughout the album, which feels close while echoing and distant at the same time, creating a dynamic, but creepy sound.

A noir jazz-inspired tone is set from the get-go on “Beat the Drum Slowly”, which opens with an edgy, mysterious note manifested through its slow and steady keyboard notes. As the song progresses, noise and feedback rise until the track abruptly ends with Taylor proclaiming “I wanna dance.” However, the previous song’s chaotic and creepy feel is quickly forgotten as “Hot Dreams”, the album’s sweet ballad and debut single opens. As the romantic ballad plays, the listener is transported to a lounge-dive bar and lulled to tranquility by Colin Stetson’s sensual sax melody featured near the end.

The stripped-down, straight-forward tunes are honest and real, and allow time for reflection on the listener’s part. They arouse emotions and memories in the listener so vivid that one can experience feelings of nostalgia for events that may not have ever occurred in real time. Overall, ‘Hot Dreams’ is an album that demands a full listen, as it is a coherent, complete piece. It is an incredible piece that is hard to shake after listening through.

Watch Timber Timbre’s video for “Beat the Drum Slowly”, below.




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