Album Review: Mesa Luna – “Shutting Down” / “Get Going” 7-inch

By Sarvenaz Amir-E.

Oh, Vancouver! Your mountainous land harbours such fertile grounds for– electronic music? Yes, the musicians in the city have been a lot more friendly towards computerized sounds as-of-late, and Mesa Luna is no exception to the growing list.

Composed of Justice McLellan and Alex Cooper, the electronic duo, who most likely named themselves after the now closed-down, but once well-loved Vancouver venue, The Mesa Luna, has recently released a 7-inch vinyl for their tracks “Shutting Down” and “Get Going”.

The melodies have an undeniably poppy aesthetic to them, but are slow to build up, which creates a vast and open soundscape for the listener to lose themselves in.

In fact, the songs have so much room to breathe, and hold such an ethereal quality to them, that you might even forget you’re still awake. McLellan’s soft vocals and dreamy lyrics, combined with both members’ knack for crafting tinkly, reverberating hooks, produce the perfect mood for anyone to gradually become absorbed in thought.

You won’t fully leave the waking world however, since it all progresses into a slightly more turbulent end. It isn’t something you’ll feel bothered by though, since the guys have this great way of making the transition a steady one.

Listen to Shutting Down /  Get Going below:

Download the tracks for free, on Soundcloud

Purchase the limited edition 7″ vinyl via Kingfisher Blues, on Bandcamp


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