Listen: Ten and Tracer

By Amelia Robitaille

At the young age of 21, Jonathan Canupp was told by doctors that he wouldn’t live longer than another ten years. He has struggled with illness his entire life, and nearly died over a dozen times. While others may be deterred from productivity after such events and the heavy day-to-day burden of disease, Canupp uses music to liberate himself from his suffering.

Ten years later he is still going strong, and shows no signs of slowing down.

Ten and Tracer‘s latest release, Twineman is his fourth album in the last year and first full-length under the Petrichoir moniker.  A well-versed producer, Jonathan Canupp has taken part in several other acts, notably Les Freres Courvoisier/Les Freres Royales, Waterstrider, ROTSTAT and most recently Petrichoir.

Additionally, he has put out releases with over ten record labels including Home Normal/NKR, Install, I, Absentee, Archaic Horizon, Bitlab, Rope Swing Cities, Archipel, Zymogen and U-Cover. His creative output has become his reason for survival, and the result are beautifully serene, awe-inspiring electronic beats.

“Somehow, I convince myself that things will improve and I fantasize about feeling well enough to create and be satisfied. Sure enough, the time comes again when I do create and feel purpose. I reap the rewards, however fleeting. This album is comprised of such moments when I catch a glimpse of a life worth living. It is my expression of joy and gratitude for life – despite my circumstances.”

Stream the luxurious and experimental down-tempo electronic album below. If you like it, don’t miss out on the limited edition, handmade art pieces and action figures that come with the physical purchase, and support the inspiring work of Ten and Tracer.


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