Album Review: Natural Child – “Dancing With Wolves”

Written by Laura Rewucki.

Natural Child landed on our radar with their debut album 1971, a perfect mish-mash of country, rock n’ roll and blues that was sleazy-sexy the same way that drinking beer in the back of a Volkswagen bus with a shaggy haired boy named Garret who smells like dank weed and pheromones is the “right thing to do at the time”. 

1971 harkened back to golden era Stones and made clear from the start that these guys were hardly interested in contemporary relevance. Natural Child followed that up with 2 LPs: For the Love of the Game and Hard in Heaven: both containing some gems, but not really hitting the mark the same way 1971, or their earlier, garage-ier EPs seemed to.

Back with their fourth studio album, it appears like they’ve finally recalibrated. 1971 was a rock n roll record that had elements of blues and country. Dancin’ With Wolves is a country record that has elements of bluesy rock n roll.

Natural Child doesn’t change their sound as much as they re-direct emphasis. They’re professional jugglers. It’s this quality that makes them intriguing. You know what cards they have, but you never know just how they’re gonna play ‘em.

Dancin’ with Wolves has a lounge-y, bonky funk tone that’s hella ‘70s, but really clean with little to no sustain. Sounds like your dad and your Uncle Jim getting drunk and hot-boxing the gazebo with drum.


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