Album Review: Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks – “Enter the Slasher House”

Written by Amelia Robitaille.

Avey Tare is back with yet another album to add to his extensive discography, this time alongside Dirty Projectors‘ Angel Deradoorian and Jeremy Hyman, formerly of PonytailAvey Tare’s Slasher Flicks is here to present you with their first effort, Enter the Slasher House.

Primarily known for his work in Animal Collective, Avey Tare is recognized for his experimental and revolutionary work that continuously forces its way through typical instrumental approaches and pushes electronic boundaries in an inspiring, genre-breaking and convention defying manner.

On Enter the Slasher House, Avey Tare and co. take a more straightforward approach as a rock trio. While seemingly more conventional, the album’s sound is far from basic and unquestionably carries his familiar musical craze and intensity.

Both energetic and body-shaking, Enter the Slasher House is a mind-melting affair. Avey Tare’s signature yelping and singing is strewn throughout, paired with layers upon layers of effects and musical ideas. The countless sounds can at times leave the listener feeling overwhelmed and over-stimulated, however with repeated listens it becomes increasingly better.

Other than “Little Fang”, Enter the Slasher House’s fun and flirty lead single, none of the tracks predominantly stand out from the others. “Little Fang” has wonderful, layered melodies featuring Angel’s sweet vocals during the catchy chorus that demands a second listen – who doesn’t like to hear “’re something special!” over and over again!

With Angel’s presence being the perfect addition to “Little Fang”, we are left searching for her singing throughout the album, but scarily enough, she is found almost nowhere else other than her spot-on keyboard bass work.

Enter the Slasher House is a super-fun ride filled with great tracks and catchy melodies, that is less horror-movie driven and more suitable as a soundtrack for a day at a creepy, mega-weird amusement park.

Stream the album in full, here. The trippy visuals are provided by Avey Tare’s sister, Abby Portner.


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