Listen: N’gaho Ta’quia – ‘In the Pocket’ teaser.

Check out Sauce 81‘s latest project, N’gaho Ta’quia. In the Pocket is a combination of grimey beats, perfectly paired elements of jazz and soul with a funky twist. Keep an eye out for it on May 21st.

In the Pocket tracklisting
01. In The Pocket (Intro)
02. Reminiscence
03. Same Treat
04. I’m Not Playing Any Games
05. Rollin’
06. Shake It
07. Turnover
08. I Ain’t Your…
09. The Chase Pt.1
10. Chocolate River
11. All Night In The Groove
12. They’re Gonna Funk Us Out
13. Somethin’ Funky’s Goin’ Down
14. The Chase Pt.3
15. The Woozie Town
16. In The Pocket


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