Playlist: Music for Finals

Finals are around the corner, and we think it’s safe to say that we can all feel the pressure building. To ease the upcoming weeks for you, we’ve compiled a list of our most productive study session tunes for you.

Here is our study playlist we curated, based on electronic music that keeps us going strong during paper-writing sessions. Listen below (or you can also follow this link):

Brian Eno‘s Thursday Afternoon is quite possibly one of the most peaceful tracks around. Sitting at just over an hour, it is certain to keep you focused and at ease for lengthy review sessions.

Let Thrupence‘s Voyages dreamy electronic waves wash over you, and ease you through your  cramming sessions.

Neat BeatsCosmic Surgery is a great listen for those of you looking for some more glitchy, sample-driven electronic beats.

Age of the Fifth Sun by God is an Astronaut is a stellar post-rock album with a certain uplifting and motivating quality.

Lights Out Asia‘s Tanks and Recognizers will provide you with ephemeral ambient music designed to relieve all your stresses.


Thoughts? Let us know

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