Don’t Miss: Girls In Uniform @ Cabaret Playhouse – THIS FRIDAY!

Nicole Brenny and Danica Olders are a couple of multi-talented artists residing in Montreal, who have teamed up as Girls In Uniform. Together, they create a magical combination of light-hearted electronic sounds and colourfully vibrant visuals for their audiences to enjoy.

The girls have a show coming up this Friday at Cabaret Playhouse to celebrate the release of their newest EP, “​.​” (Full Stop), an exciting blend of experimental, glitchy electronic beats, and infectiously pop characteristics.

They will also be selling limited edition VHS adaptations of the album (check the cassettes out here!), charming you out of your wits with a whole lot of dancing, and showering you with sparkles and confetti.

More Info…

Who: Girls In Uniform + RAMZI + Wilcox Band
When: Friday, April 25, 2014 (TOMORROW!)
Where: Cabaret Playhouse (5656 Avenue Du Parc)
Time: Doors – 8:00 PM // Show – 10:00 PM
Tickets: Available at the door for a mere $5!!!
Facebook Event

Listen to “.” here:


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