Listen: Brave Radar – “Message Center”

Montreal group Brave Radar, led by Conor Prendergast and Tessa Smith, are on point with their latest piece, “Message Center”. 

It’s the first song off their new EP, Message Centre, out May 20th through Fixture Records (which the pair run as well), on limited run cassette. You can pre-order it now, through Fixture Records

Message Center is Brace Radar’s first effort since 2009’s A Building, and includes eight tracks about centred around cars, nightmares, and office life. 

Brave Radar will be showcasing Message Centre with a performance on Saturday, May 17, 2014 at Brasserie Beaubien, alongside Fixture Records pals Freelove Fenner, and Paula of Arbutus Records.

Message Center Track Listing
01. Message Centre

02. Out of Reach
03. Gateway
04. Too long weekend
05. New Sun
06. Freeway
07. Get in Step
08. Again 


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