Listen: Grounders – Wreck Of A Smile EP

By Sarvenaz Amir-E.

In a sense, you could say Grounders is Toronto’s version of our lovably upbeat and quirky How Sad, but who’s going to complain about having some more joyous sounding art pop in their music library?

Albeit they’ve been steadily growing a sizable and loving following in their hometown, Grounders’ brilliance definitely hasn’t gotten the full credit it deserves (yet!), which makes them a well-kept secret for the few who’ve had the luck of discovering these gems through festivals, or witnessing them opening for a band like Deleted Scenes, for example.

Their first EP, Wreck Of A Smile, released in March of last year, is a scintillating concoction of reverberating synth and guitar lines with hints of psychedelia that are bound to stir the jungle-dancing sways in your listening groove.

If you’ve been following their Instagram feed, you would know that they’ve been hard at work on their first LP ever, and by the sounds of the video snippets, it’s going to be a solid record, complete with infectious guitar hooks and theremin (played by Dan). Keep your ears peeled for it!

Here’s their mesmerizingly colourful and disturbing video for “Grand Prize Drawl”:

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