Listen: OH, ROSE – That Do Now See EP

By Sarvenaz Amir-E.

Enjoy lo-fi singer-songwriter music with distinct vocals and build-ups that pack a bit of a punch? Then OH, ROSE is right up your listening alley.

OH, ROSE — also known as Olivia Rose — recently released an EP entitled That Do Now See on Mirfield, UK’s independent record label, Fox Food Records.

The five tracks are charming and heartfelt, and so genuinely so, that your chest will feel heavy with every beautiful feeling that exists inside of your being within the first minute of listening to them.

The warm, fuzzy guitar strums and moody, haunting vocals are perfect for a rainy day (which we’re getting a lot of lately). It can also unpresumptuously be said that Rose’s voice is on the same caliber as Angel Olsen’s when it comes to unconventional beauty.

Rose’s singularities stand their own ground, however, so the comparison is meant more in the sense that she is a strong performer, projecting emotion in her words with pure and awing conviction. Give her music a whirl!

The label is already out of cassettes, but you can still buy a digital copy of the EP on Bandcamp!


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