Lost Treasures: Trees – “Catzenatica”

A few days ago, Ottawa-based experimental/rock band Trees called it quits.

Their album Catzenatica has been on constant rotation since it’s release back in October 2012, and the news of their departure as a group has sent us into a serious state of sorrow.

Catzenatica is an exciting journey as it propels forward with it’s climatic vocal melodies and driving drums. It’s got a little bit of something for everyone, as it dabbles in post-rock, indie rock and experimental.

Listen to “Kilimanjaro” and you’ll see.

While the boys had new songs written, recorded and even mastered, it seems as though the timing was off for them. It is unclear whether or not their new material will see the light of day. Thanks to Jon Matthews, Alex Gelok, Andrew Gelok and Alex Johnstone for providing us with one of our favorite albums to date.


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