Listen: Ben Frost – “AURORA”

Iceland-based, Australian-born artist Ben Frost has just put out a fantastic release that draws on punk rock, ambient, classical, noise and drone elements.

A U R O R A follows his previous critically acclaimed effort By the Throat by an extended five years, and has been long awaited by many.

This piece completely envelops the listener’s mindset and is all-absorbing. It is hectic yet spacious, and its ferociousness and raw energy permeate throughout.

The album includes collaborations with Swans’ Thor Harris, and Greg Fox (formerly of Liturgy), as well as our own Tim Hecker.

Ben Frost frankly describes the album below.

A U R O R A aims directly, through its monolithic construction, at blinding luminescent alchemy; not with benign heavenly beauty but through decimating magnetic force.
This is no pristine vision of digital music, it is a filthy, uncivilized offering of interrupted future time where emergency flares illuminate ruined nightclubs and the faith of the dancefloor rests in a diesel-powered generator spewing forth its own extinction, eating rancid fuel so loudly it threatens to overrun the very music it is powering.


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