Your guide to: Thursday @ NXNE

NXNE’s lineup tonight is so unreal that we couldn’t resist recommending you a couple extra shows to check out. Montreal artists are on heavy rotation tonight in Toronto at both the Pop Montreal and Passovah showcases – make sure to catch one of them!

1. How Sad (SYNTH POP)

Dakota Tavern – Thursday, June 19 @ 11 PM

How Sad started out in Montreal as the nom de guerre attached to a handful of personal bedroom recordings, but quickly morphed into a band playing hook-laden synth pop tailored towards live performance. An underlying sombre tone to the lyrics is juxtaposed to relentlessly energetic music, making for an explosive combination.

2. Odonis Odonis (SHOEGAZE/ROCK)

Yonge Dundas Square – Thursday, June 19 @ 5:30 PM // The Garrison – Thursday, June 19 @ 1 AM 

Influenced by mixtapes passed down by frontman Dean Tzenos’ elder sisters, menacing Torontonians Odonis Odonis beautifully mine the darker trove of 80s and early 90s guitar rock. Their surfy take on Jesus & Mary Chain and Pixies has a kind of shadowy impressionism – fidelity-shy but structured, direct, and accessible. Sophomore album ‘Hard Boiled Soft Boiled’ was released this April.
3. Dana Falconberry  (FOLK/INDIE)
Handlebar – Thursday, June 19 @ 7 PM
Orchestral pop that’s willing to take risks in the realm of folk. It’s the type of music to flutter through you, nestling into your subconscious and forever existing as the soundtrack to your now-colourful dreams.
4. Caddy Whompus

Mod Club Theatre – Thursday, June 19 @ 7 PM // NXNE Festival Village at Edward Day Gallery – Friday, June 20 @ 10 PM

The colloquialism “caddywhompus” is defined by such adjectives as “uneven,” “crooked,” and “out of whack” – a list which could, in some instances, allude to the mind-bending sounds of the experimental noise-pop band who bears said name but whom can otherwise be described thus: spot on. Song structures alternate between sweet psychedelic indie ballads to the most intense, ear-splitting of noise-driven crescendos. This is the sonic rapture for both veteran punks and seasoned hipsters.

Crawford – Thursday, June 19 @ 1 AM
Ohio-born electronic artist Freeze-Tag introduces a dance-based “prisma-chromatic” sound that’s inspired by retrograde and futuristic tones, as well as the unification of visual art and music. The self-taught multi-instrumentalist spent his school days in and out of screamo and post-hardcore bands, later discovering and being exposed to jazz, hip hop, electronic music, and more obscure sounds that now influence his futuristic soul.


6. Wake Island (WEIRD ROCK)

Dakota Tavern – Thursday, June 19 @ 10 PM 

Bringing waves of synths and making moody, spaced-out rock, Montreal’s Wake Island is an exchange between four musicians from Lebanon, the USA, and Canada. Drawing inspiration from their own cultural differences, the band craft an inherently modern sound that’s informed by eclectic artists such as Grizzly Bear, Talking Heads, and Joy Division.

7. Young Magic (Dream POP/ELECTRONICA)

Adelaide Hall – Thursday, June 19 @ 1 AM

Young Magic is the sonic pairing between Indonesian vocalist Melati Malay and Australian producer Isaac Emmanuel. Although currently based in New York, the eclectic outfit has recorded music whilst traversing the four corners of the earth. They bring with them a labyrinth of phantom harmonies and crystalline beats.


The Great Hall – Thursday, June 19 @ 1 AM 

 Tim Hecker explores the intersection of noise, dissonance, and melody, fostering an approach to songcraft which is both physical and emotive. The New York Times called his work: “Foreboding, abstract pieces in which static and sub-bass rumbles open up around slow moving notes and chords, like fissures in the earth waiting to swallow them whole.”


Dakota Tavern – Thursday, June 19 @ 9 PM 
Sea Oleena makes music to listen to cross-legged in a dark room while lighting a candle and blowing out the flame again and again and again and again. Now you might ask: “Maybe I should just buy one of those funny candles that never goes out?” Whatever makes you happy, kids. We’re not the candle police.



Silver Dollar (486 Spadina ave)
Toronto, ON

3am – Heat (Montreal)
2am – B-17 (Toronto)
1am – Seoul (Montreal)
12am – Julie Fader (Toronto)
11pm – You’ll Never Get to Heaven (London, ON)
10pm – Language Arts (Toronto)
9pm – Look Vibrant (Montreal)
8pm – Diamond Bones (Montreal)


The Dakota Tavern (249 Ossington Ave)
Toronto, ON

1am – Technical Kidman (Montreal)
12am – The Lovely Feathers (Montreal / Toronto)
11pm- How Sad
10pm – Wake Island
9pm – Sea Oleena (Montreal)
8pm – Charlotte Cornfield (Toronto / New York)


All band bios taken from


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