Listen: James Irwin – “Everything Passed Me By”

Written by Sarvenaz Amir-E.

There are memories hiding everywhere in the city. If they were all on paper, there would be piles and piles of them; stacked up on the corner of a street, in an alleyway, under a tree, or behind a wall. 

Instead, they’re invisible locks, hanging in time and space, waiting for the right key to walk by and open them.

Of course, you are one of the many keyholders in these parts. A complete natural at this activity. All you have to do is walk by a place and let your mind unfold– and just like that, the memory is unlocked. You remember that special moment you spent alone, with another person, or multiple people, and with remembering comes the feeling of that sometimes misleading nostalgia and the sinking realization of how fast time passes.

So much time has trickled between you and that moment.

Everything passes everyone by, so much.

* * * * *

James Irwin is a Montreal-based artist. His latest track, “Everything Passed Me By”, has been a great soundtrack to the summer that’s been passing us by (although, no one needs a reminder of that), infusing his smooth, mellow sound with Adam Kinner‘s bouncy saxophone hook. Keep your ears peeled for an album, coming out soon.

Listen to the Miracle Fortress remix of “Everything Passed Me By”:


Watch the video for “Everything Passed Me By”:


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