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Murmur is a Montreal-based music website, with a tasty selection of curated music, delivered to you in podcasts, videos, interviews and playlists.

Go on, enjoy discovering your own backyard and beyond!

Amelia RobitailleHead Honcho #1, Site Curator
Art history student at McGill University; former writer and photographer for MYATS, Nightlife and The Main. Iced tea is her vital life source.

Sarvenaz Amir-E.Head Honcho #2, Editor
Former music editor for The Main and MYATS. Equal parts homebody and street wanderer. Can often be caught humming, biking, writing, or reading. Prefers to be surrounded by captivating sounds.

Elizabeth HouleEditor, Writer and Music Scout
Third-year Education student at McGill whose passions include food, education policy, music, and feminism.  While her first home is Boston, Montreal has become her home away from home over her 3 year stay, despite the inhospitable climate.

Nora Burke
Laura Geraldine
Zachary Lucas
Negar Nakhai

To get into contact with Murmur, feel free to send us a line at murmurcanada@gmail.com. 


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