Album Review: Alexia Avina – Kind Forest EP

Written by Sarvenaz Amir-E.

A gentle whisper wakes you from a restful slumber. It follows you into a sunlit kitchen, blends in with the whistling of a kettle, and whirls into your favourite mug, as soft morning light floods in through the windows. Continue reading


Watch: Kishi Bashi – “Ballad of Mr. Steak”

Check out this lyric video for Kishi Bashi‘s “The Ballad of Mr. Steak”, from his latest album, Lighght. From the start, you can tell the cute, unfolding date scene is bound to go awry, but not in the abrupt way you are about to witness.

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Don’t Miss: Girls In Uniform @ Cabaret Playhouse – THIS FRIDAY!

Nicole Brenny and Danica Olders are a couple of multi-talented artists residing in Montreal, who have teamed up as Girls In Uniform. Together, they create a magical combination of light-hearted electronic sounds and colourfully vibrant visuals for their audiences to enjoy.

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