Listen: James Irwin – “Everything Passed Me By”

Written by Sarvenaz Amir-E.

There are memories hiding everywhere in the city. If they were all on paper, there would be piles and piles of them; stacked up on the corner of a street, in an alleyway, under a tree, or behind a wall.  Continue reading


Watch: Mozart’s Sister – “Enjoy”

She’s been off the radar for a little while, but as it turns out, Caila Thompson-Hannant has been hard at work on a new Mozart’s Sister album

Here’s a slow-moving video for her latest track, “Enjoy”, which is bound to get you in a weird/emotional dancing mood.

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Listen: White Fang – “Unchain Your Brain”

White Fang have let a track loose from their compilation album Chill Yourself, out through Lolipop Records. The album features the band’s ‘fan favorites’ from the last four years.

The track is a mega-catchy garage rock slammer, with a plenty of sludge, grime and distortion to satisfy your raucous needs.

Watch: Childhood – “Falls Away”

Childhood are London-based band who’ve just announced their forthcoming debut album Lacuna. It’ll be out on August 11th, through House Anxiety / Marathon Artists.

In the meantime, watch their stylized stop-motion music video for the first single, “Falls Away”.

The four-piece meld the best elements of indie rock, pop and psychedelic elements to create a guitar-led, blissful sound.

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Listen: High Ends – “The Weight”

Yukon Blonde‘s lead-singer/guitarist, Jeffrey Innes, is working on a solo project he’s calling High Ends.

Innes recently shared a track via Dine Alone Records, called “The Weight”. Although it has a more synth-driven, groovy aesthetic than his former focus, you may find there to be a similarity in the harmony arrangements.