Your guide to: Friday @ NXNE

Our recommendations for today at NXNE include an array of jizz-jazz-erful rock ballads and more experimental electronic music. Read on to see what shows we suggest you catch.

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Your guide to: Wednesday @ NXNE

With hundreds of events in only a few days, it is overwhelming to decide what bands to see at NXNE. We’ve made it easier for you, and picked our top five for each day. Here are our picks for Wednesday, June 18th.

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Listen: Invasions – “No Darkness”

Catch the raw energy of Invasions and their noteworthy sound melding garage rock, surf and western on their latest EP No Darkness.

The combination of their arresting vocals, reverby-breezy-twangy guitars and just the right touch of brass are incredibly memorable.

If you’re heading to NXNE, they’ll be playing at 159 Manning on June 20th.

Listen: Middle East – “Foreign Objects”

Hip-hop and beat lovers, this one’s for you!

Middle East is an up-and-coming producer based out of Toronto and Montreal who’s just released his first full-length, Foreign Objects. He brings forth an instantly nostalgic vibe through his classic soul samples and drum beats, comparable to J Dilla’s style.

Don’t forget to stream “After the Party” tonight, which features Montreal producer Daniel Dixon. Artwork by Hoisen.

Try to find the Rob Ford cameo!

Watch: Lydia Ainsworth – “Malachite”

ArbutusLydia Ainsworth has a cinematic approach to writing music, that extends beyond regular song structure. She’s previously scored several short films, and her style evokes transcendental feelings via her soft-spoken vocals.

Here is her video for the track “Malachite” off her debut EP Right From Real, Pt. 1.

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